He was first introduced into orchids in his early twenties and it quickly became a compelling interest to learn more about those exotic and little-known plants. His interest in travel and adventure had taken him to Mexico where he found wild orchids hanging from trees just waiting to be studied. While orchids of Mexico and Central America contained his interests for awhile, soon it was Brazil, Colombia and Peru which captured his attention. The amazing diversity of species he had collected and studied soon gave way to an interest in Paphiopedilum orchids; those “ugly things nobody wants to look at.”  But there was almost nothing in print which gave detailed information about those weirdly different kinds of orchid species, and scarcely anyone grew them. Birk realized that in order to learn about them he would have to go to their habitats to discover just what it was that confounded those who tried their best to be successful, and to see their flowers, or to just keep them alive.  But finding where they lived was no easy task and for many years Birk searched the jungles of Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Borneo and the Philippines to glean that important knowledge. He discovered several new species of plants, including orchids during those travels. The study of his collected plants and their culture was developed over 25 years of his first-hand experiences.  The most important lesson he learned was about the environments in which the orchids lived; it was so decidedly different from everything he had read in the past. With such revelations it then became his obligation to provide the knowledge to others, which he has done with articles he wrote for The Orchid Digest and through his best-selling orchid books.

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