The Paphiopedilum Grower's Manual  In 1983 Lance Birk published the first book to include all of the then known species of Paphiopedilum orchids. Written in English it included full-color photographs of each of the different species. It also included detailed descriptions of areas where they resided, a description of the habitat and an English description of each plant's key characteristics. Also included were numerous chapters with detailed descriptions of how to successfully care for each species, and several other chapters devoted to basic information necessary to create successful conditions for orchid growing.
Growing Cymbidium Orchids at Home  Published in three reprint editions from 1974 until 1981, this booklet sold 30,000 copies to information-hungry Cymbidium growers around the world. It has been out of print for many years. Written in Plain English and to the beginner’s level, it nonetheless provided solid and basic information which benefited even advanced growers. NOW, it has been digitized in the original format and is Available in .PDF and .EPUB formats for readers of all electronic devices.
The Last Orchid Hunter Series  Lance Birk's personal accounts of his exploits and adventures collecting orchids during the second half of the 20th century are recounted in explicit details in this one-of-a-kind volume. These often harrowing stories seem more fitting for an action-adventure movie screen yet they are all actual events that occurred in Birk's search for the authentic truth about orchids. Covering over 25 years, these stories are detailed in 39 separate chapters of his newest book. Unfortunately the book is now out of print and is difficult to find in used condition.

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