In 1984, Lance Birk wrote The Paphiopedilum Grower's Manual, often called one of the best books ever written about Orchids. Based on more than 20 years of his cultural experience and habitat exploration, it was the first book written in English to illustrate all of the currently known Paphiopedilum species. His book gives advice on the culture of each of the different species and the reader can learn everything he needs to know how to SUCCESSFULLY grow Orchids.... (not just Paphiopedilums). Fully illustrated with superb, close-up color photographs of each species (many in their own habitat), easy to read, with insightful and detailed advice, it answers all their questions for anyone wanting to understand the factual realities of what orchids require in order to thrive in captivity.  Subjects of particular interest are chapters: When and How to Water, and Air and Light, (each of which contradict long established cultural techniques). The idea of frequent watering, coupled with higher light intensities and much greater air movement than was previously recommended, (even during the night and in colder climates), surprised most growers until they tried those techniques themselves and realized greater successes with their orchids.  Chapters on Plant Diseases and Insect Pests, Potting Soils, Dividing and Repotting, and Seedling Care from the Flask, finally provided workable answers to questions filling the minds of orchid growers from around the world. Additional chapters on: Making a Cross, Seed Sowing and Replating, Orchid Societies and Their Benefits, Photographing Your Orchids, Importing, Collecting, and with details about The Disappearing Jungles, all of which provide a complete resource, in a single reference with which every orchidists can benefit.  The techniques and conditions described in this book have since inspired countless numbers of orchid growers in countries around the world, and their new-found cultural successes have made a positive influence on the survival of orchid plants in greenhouses and in homes everywhere. This has been a revolutionary occurrence and has saved the lives of countless tens of thousands of orchids. In addition, many authors have now adopted these same successful cultural techniques and have promoted their application to the culture of many different genera of orchids. Currently this 1st edition book is out of print.

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