This small 48-page handbook was printed in three separate editions of 10,000 copies each, from 1975 until 1981. While it carried a price of under US$4.00, it provided sound and complete basic knowledge for those new Cymbidium Orchid owners who wondered just what to do with their new Orchid plants. Written in Plain English and to the beginner’s level, it nonetheless provided solid and basic information which benefited even advanced growers of Cymbidium Orchids as well. Of special interest to many growers, was just how they could bring their plants into bloom a second time. In addition, many growers in both hotter and cooler growing regions could learn methods and techniques which would allow them to successfully grow and to flower their plants on a regular basis. People from around the world bought the booklet in rather large numbers, especially those living in Australia and New Zealand, South Africa and several countries in Europe, as well as in Great Britain. This booklet has been out of print for many years.
*Available now for eBooks and Digital Readers* Digitalized version of the orginal book that sold 30,000 copies from 1974-1981 Available in .PDF and .EPUB formats $3.75 U.S.

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