Lance Birk's adventures collecting Orchids in jungles from around the world are recounted in his newest book, THE LAST ORCHID HUNTER. Personal accounts of his exploits on his numerous expeditions during the second half of the 20th Century are described in lucid details. And while Birk has enjoyed many original discoveries and botanical successes, and has encountered many people with varied interests, he has also experienced a wide range of hardships, personal losses, death and near-death occurrences.  These experiences with people, and from many of his often solitary expeditions are fully described in this one-of-a-kind book. Unfortunately, since the ban on collecting, Orchid hunting is no longer allowed and new Orchid species hidden in the world's jungles will now remain unknown, keeping their secrets from mankind. Birk's newest book tells all about what it was like out there, in these numerous, never-told accounts, in those exotic and distant places where few men have gone before.  In real-life, he is a quiet, unassuming cut-flower grower (ex-restaurateur) who for years has been driven to search distant jungle habitats for rare and unusual species of wild Orchids and other plants, simply to learn about them and to dispel the myths and untruths about so many of those plants and habitats often perpetrated wrongly in literature. Lance Birk's exploits are legendary, even amongst the few other men who have attempted to follow his footsteps. Unimaginable hardships, jungle diseases, bandits, poisonous snakes, deadly sickness and heavily-armed pirates and even death are all taken in stride in his relentless search to reveal the secrets of these mysterious beauties from the plant world.
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