"The Paphiopedilum Growers Manual, 2nd Edition, by Lance Birk is in my opinion the best Paphiopedilum culture book written. It may also be the best general orchid culture book written, the material is relevant to all types of orchids. The book contains stunning photographs, excellent advice growing conditions, cures for plant diseases, insects and pests, and great information on plant repotting. Birk also includes chapters on making Paphiopedilum crosses and sowing seed. An awesome book!" …..Tom, KIRCHNER PHOTOGRAPHY “This is one of the most informative books on growing paphiopedilums I have seen for a long time. I soon realized that THE PAPHIOPEDILUM GROWER’S MANUAL has been written by someone who wanted to share his passion, dedication and extensive knowledge with his readers…… This is certainly a book I shall refer back to time and time again, as it includes a wealth of information for beginners and serious growers alike…. It is easy to understand and written by a man devoted to the genus Paphiopedilum.” ……THE ORCHID REVIEW, Royal Horticultural Society (Great Britain)  "I am pleased to see some new books by you. I remember reading your first Paph. book years ago and it inspired me. I have traveled the world as well, in search of orchids, and have some pretty amazing stories about my journeys." ......Jerry Lee Fischer, ORCHIDS LIMITED "I received the book today. It is wonderful. The pictures are gorgeous. My dad loves it. Thank you so much! ....... I am delighted by how nice the book looks and all of the information. Thanks." .........Laura C.  "Your first edition was a great help, but I can see that your second edition will be an extremely tremendous assistance for my endeavors......Once again, thank you for all your hard work which finally came to fruition in this masterpiece!" ......Peter Cataldo "Beautiful, informative, humorous, thorough, anxiety-reducing, well-organized, thoughtful, "common-sensical", encourages experimentation, etc., etc...........The only complaint is that I read it at one sitting and now I hurt where I sat.......Thank you!" ....Geneva Dysard  "It is absolutely beautiful. ..The color is first rate and the text clear, concise, accurate and complete. ......your love of Orchids in general and Paphiopedilums in particular shines through your work like a beacon ....one would be hard pressed to find better writing in any field." ....Byron Geer, WALTER ANDERSON NURSERY  "Lance A. Birk has produced a stunning book for slipper lovers!. It is jam-packed with a variety of important, helpful information in addition to detailed cultural instructions, which explains how to provide for the plants' needs and particularly WHY. Best of all, his explanations of basic orchid culture apply to all orchids....(it) will be a welcome addition to the library of newer growers as well as the more experienced." ...Barbara Tisherman, SLIPPER ORCHID ALLIANCE "This manual is practically a shoo-in as Orchid Book of the Year; never mind which year, it's already a classic." .....GNYOS Newsletter "Birk discusses caring for Paphs in such an easy fashion that I learned more about caring for other kinds of orchids based on what I learned in this book." .......Charles Shippen "Thanks for getting the books out so quickly.... Your books are selling like hotcakes around here!" ...Amy Hartlein, AMERICAN ORCHID SOCIETY "Lance Birk's book is definitely the best. It was considered to be "the Paph Bible" when I bought the first edition many years ago and the 2nd edition has much more new information. I have found the books by Lance Birk to be the most useful." ....... Sandy N. "The book arrived today - and what a beauty it is! And a steal - I'd have guessed $100 for a book of this quality. Thanks!" .......Marcia Schiffer "Your first one is a treasure. I remember when I got it, it never left my side for weeks!" ........Lynn Wellenstein, AnTec Laboratory "Your book is awsome. Took a half day off from work so I could keep reading. Thanks for the great book. Best birthday present I ever gave myself." ........ Russ Palmer  "You have the BEST book on Paphiopedilums I've ever seen, beautiful work!" .....Lora Saunders

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